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A template for application metrics

1 min read

I love patterns and templates. I love them even more if they are proven in practice. In the context of metrics my template for application metrics is a really useful little helper. IMO it is not only a product owner’s artefact but also a valuable medium when discussing the overall nature of a digital product with the development team. Consequently it is a plus when a product owner has created a sufficient collection of application metrics and provides further information as given in the template before any code is written and the whole team is shaping the vision and the architecture of their digital product.

An important component of the template is the second part where it’s about business value, targets and business impact on target violation. In my observation this is often a neglected aspect.

Find the template including an example metric on Google Docs: Various formats are provided for download. Any feedback is appreciated!

The template is licensed under Creative Commons BY 4.0.