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Migration of passwords from Revelation on Linux to KeePassX on OS X

1 min read

I have managed my passwords on my Ubuntu machine using Revelation which simply does not run on OS X.

After doing some research about password managers for OS X, I finally decided to give KeePassX a try (sorry, no LastPass) and, consequently, was faced with a data conversion and migration task.

After some trial and error the following steps led to success:

  1. Export your password data from Revelation as (Revelation) XML.
  2. Install Keepass on Ubuntu.
  3. Create a new database in Keepass and import Revelation XML (you will see all your data in Keepass then).
  4. Save the Keepass database in the default kdbx format.
  5. Transfer the kdbx file to your Mac.
  6. Open the kdbx file in KeePassX using the same master password defined in Keepass.