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Musings about Home JSON-LD

2 min read

The initial idea of a Home JSON-LD was described in in the context of JSON Home (which rather justifies the term “JSON-LD Home”).
The following list of basic requirements represents the kick-off of deeper musings about Home JSON-LD.

  1. It is not really a standard but more a formalised agreement.
  2. It is in the public domain.
  3. It is hybrid.
  4. It does neither require changes in JSON Home nor in JSON-LD.
  5. It does not define any new format, language, syntax, rel(ationship) semantics, etc., etc. Consequently, it does not define a new mediatype.
  6. It does not violate REST.
  7. It is agnostic to implementations.
  8. It is open to evolution.

Further thoughts on these requirements

  1. "Not really a standard" means that nothing substantial new is created like in a typical RFC but a collection of agreements about specific known practices. "Formalised" means that a specification exists.
  2. "Public domain" is the most radical copyleft; as usual, no warranty on anything is granted.
  3. "Hybrid" simply means interconnecting JSON Home and JSON-LD. However, I think that no explicit but just a conceptual connection is needed.
  4. Enough said.
  5. Enough said. No new code has to be written.
  6. Enough said.
  7. It is all within the scope of REST and therefore within the scope of HTTP. The server side implementation of the protocol is totally irrelevant.
  8. It is an initial draft, embracing changes und evolution.